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About Sydney

brief history ...

Captain James Cook
© National Maritime Museum (UK)

The English captain James Cook discovers the Eastern coast of Australia and the place we call today Sydney in 1770 and claims it for the English Crown.

The First Fleet arrives in Sydney Australia in 1788, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, and the colonization of the new continent begins.

AMP Tower - Sydney
©2006 Gabriel Ditu
Captain Phillip christens Sydney Cove, after Thomas Townshend, Baron Sydney (1733-1800), the English minister responsible for the colony. Later, the name drops 'Cove' and the area becomes known as Sydney.

The Commonwealth of Australia forms in 1901.

Sydney Harbor Bridge opens to traffic in 1932.

Sydney Opera House opens its doors in 1973.

Sydney shines in the international spotlight by hosting the Olympic Games in 2000.
22 May
1856 - First Parliament of New South Wales opened by the governor, Sir William Denison.

1901 - The foundation stone for St John's Cathedral, Brisbane was laid by the Duke of Cornwall and York, the church celebrated 100 years of construction in 2006, and is only gothic-style stone building under construction anywhere in the world.
Australian slang
  • bloke man
  • two pot screamer person who gets drunk easily
  • cook wife
  • billy recipient to smoke marijuana
  • waggin' school missing unjustified school
  • bull dust rubbish
  • face, off one's drunk
  • baby boomer person born during the baby boom
  • Australiana collectable Australian items
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